The Institut für angewandte Forschung (Institute for applied research) accompanies the planning, project development, implementation and operation of offshore wind power plants on the basis of the applicable legislation and the regulatory requirements, as well as under consideration or inclusion of the respective technical and environmental requirements.

Innovation and realization of that which is as yet unconceived motivates the IfaF GmbH in its work with its partners towards distant targets.



From the outset, the Institut für angewandte Forschung (Institute for applied research) focused on the acquisition of the biological inventory of aquatic habitats, as well as the functioning of the investigated ecosystems (condition assessment, monitoring).

The collected findings provided the bases for assessing the compatibility of human uses – or technological innovations – with the ecological conditions at locations on the high seas, as well as in inland and coastal areas (ecological risk assessment).

The IfaF GmbH designed, in close cooperation with the project promoters and authorities involved, the approval-compliant implementation of building projects (in particular offshore wind power plants) in the area of the German North Sea.

After completion of the construction phase, the IfaF GmbH structured the operation of the industrial systems in accordance with the current legislatory and regulatory requirements, as well as corresponding to the relevant environmental requirements.

In addition, since its establishment, the Institute for applied research initiates, catalyzes, coordinates and/or accompanies research projects with a biological or technical focus.